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& Local Junk Car Buyers

Got an unwanted junk car on your hands in the Newport News, VA vicinity? If you are looking for someone willing to buy my junk car, you’ll want to call us at Rite Way Auto. We buy unwanted junk vehicles, and we are a local company. Even though your car may be old, broken down or inoperable, it can still be a source of ready cash for you. Our company is known in the area for our honest and fair transactions. We’ll give your car a once-over, make you an offer, and if that’s acceptable to you, we’ll pay you cash to take the car off your hands! It’s just that easy. We offer a win-win situation. Our business is junk cars, so we want your vehicle and are willing to pay cash for it. You have an unwanted car which may be costing you money and space. Let’s get together and reach an agreement which will leave us both happy. We’re local and easy to get by from places like Norfolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and Newport News, VA. If you’ve been searching for local junk car buyers, your search is over. Give us a call today!


There comes a time when every junk car owner wonders, ‘Who can I find to buy my junk car?’ In the local area, the answer is easy. It’s Rite Way Auto. We’ll take a look at the vehicle and make you a fair offer according to our appraisal. If it sounds good to you, we’ll pay you cash on the spot and tow it away and out of your life once and for all! It’s a great deal. We stand head and shoulders above all the other local junk car buyers in the area!

Give us a call when you’re ready to talk business! We’re open every hour of the day and each day of the week for your convenience. Let’s get that old, unwanted vehicle out of there!